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  1. A daytrip to Breezewood

    I'm keeping this short so that they actually get published. Don't expect anything elaborate.

    I used Thanksgiving's low-traffic to checkout some sights near Cumberland.

    1. Paw-Paw Tunnel along Maryland 51 (Scenic Byway)
    2. Abandoned PA Turnpike Tunnel
    3. Breezewood PA Junction

    Paw Paw Tunnel

    The Paw Paw Tunnel was underwhelming, mostly because the …

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  2. Society of the Spectacle: Thesis 60

    Where I write for the sake of writing. No promise of quality. Here is an attempt at interpreting thesis 60 of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle.

    The celebrity, the spectacular representation of a living human being, embodies this banality by embedding the image of a possible role. Being a …

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  3. Hydroponic Lettuce!

    To stave off the miserable Pittsburgh winter I started collecting plants and lights.

    One strategy I used was to start a small Hydroponic garden of lettuce. I followed the guide on Hydroponics Indoors almost exactly. I found the website very helpful, and when I emailed the owner a clarifying question …

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  4. Why not to use Credit Cards

    When possible I try to pay with cash. Here's why

    • Credit card transactions are used to track your spending history to target advertisements. Google has access to 70% of transactions from credit and debit cards for the united states (source. Not so for cash.
    • Credit cards introduce a third party …
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  5. Modern Mayan Temples

    Aboard a bus departing the Cancun airport I notice a small stepped-pyramid adjacent to the on-ramp of the high-way. It stands the height of a single story, too close to the roadway to have been constructed afterwards, but oddly prominent. Is this pyramid a lesser, forgotten Tulum or Chitzen Itza …

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