Guide to Brussels

To See

Grand Place

This is really something. I'd like to have read more on the architectural style and the symbols in the different guilds on the square. Here is a little bit of information: architecture info

We took a tour under a red umbrella, would not recommend. There was very little information and we were constantly pushed towards particular stores and shops.

Mannekin Pis

This is kind of funny. Check out the calendar here


Kind of neat. You'll need to buy subway tickets in order to get there.

EU Bulidings

Not sure what to do here besides observe the architecture. Apparently some days you can take tours or visit the congress.

To Do

Comic Museum

We enojyed it without having any real interest in comics themselves. Museum has wifi and electircal sockets.

Museum of Fine Arts

We enjoyed the fantastic Brughel the Elder exhibit at the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts. There's a fantastic explanatory video projected onto three walls.

To Eat