1. Hydroponic Lettuce!

    To stave off the miserable Pittsburgh winter I started collecting plants and lights.

    One strategy I used was to start a small Hydroponic garden of lettuce. I followed the guide on Hydroponics Indoors almost exactly. I found the website very helpful, and when I emailed the owner a clarifying question …

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  2. Why not to use Credit Cards

    When possible I try to pay with cash. Here's why

    • Credit card transactions are used to track your spending history to target advertisements. Google has access to 70% of transactions from credit and debit cards for the united states (source. Not so for cash.
    • Credit cards introduce a third party …
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  3. Modern Mayan Temples

    Aboard a bus departing the Cancun airport I notice a small stepped-pyramid adjacent to the on-ramp of the high-way. It stands the height of a single story, too close to the roadway to have been constructed afterwards, but oddly prominent. Is this pyramid a lesser, forgotten Tulum or Chitzen Itza …

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  4. Keep this in Mind

    Here is a list of things to keep in mind for the next time you use an ATM.

    • In July 2016, State Street Bank reached a $382 million settlement with DOJ for rigging foreign currency exchanges.

    • In June 2014, the French bank BNP Paribas was ordered to pay $8.9 …

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  5. Star Charts, a first round review

    This summer I deployed star charts in hopes of gaining skills and acquiring better habits. The star charts started on the 13th of July and ended whenever I realized they were no longer working. In this post I will try to identify why.

    This qualitative review of my progress will …

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