Here's a game I call 'Geolocating'. I don't know if it has a proper name out there, if it doesn't I haven't found it.

Geolocating is the task of pinpointing the exact location of a photo or painting.

A couple of communities exists for this:

  • Geoguessr community. This enormously popular game uses Google Street Maps imagery and asks the user to drop a pin as close as possible to the actual location.
  • The Dish's "View from My Window" archive. A now defunct blog series where readers would submit photos from their window. Very difficult. Users often pinpoint the exact window from which the photo was taken.
  • SkyScraperCity's Guess the City contest. A daily contest to guess the city.
  • North Korea enthusiasts pinpointing the exact location of Kim Jung Un in official DPRK photos. Example 1
  • r/whereisthis helps Reddit users locate photos, also allows for content just for fun.
  • r/PictureGame a more open contest, not necessarily a geolocation task.