1. Kanab, UT

    Friday evening we stepped out to take in the foggy full-moon. I'm not one for superstition but the previous full moon claimed SOPHIE, this one was to claim its own victim, albeit mechanical. Unsuspecting, we spent a good half-hour watching the local cats play tag in the moonlight.


    The …

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  2. White Sands, NM

    I woke up today in Carlsbad, NM. I was to drive west through the Lincoln national forest and across the Sacramento mountains. I began the day late since I was waiting for my Airbnb's dryer to finish its task.

    So I headed out to La Patrona to grab a breakfast …

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  3. My Experience with Xonsh

    Since January I've been using Xonsh as my main shell on both my work and personal machines. In this post I will describe what I liked and what I didn't. TLDR; I liked that I found myself scripting more under Xonsh, but it can be slow and inconvenient as a …

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  4. Cumberland, MD

    Cumberland is a neat town. It's industrial like Pittsburgh but also has a colonial feel. There are churches everywhere, and in between them you'll find truck depots, train tracks, canals, earth haulers, and other elements of industry.

    The city is split by a canal. Alongside it runs a walking path …

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  5. A daytrip to Breezewood

    I'm keeping this short so that they actually get published. Don't expect anything elaborate.

    I used Thanksgiving's low-traffic to checkout some sights near Cumberland.

    1. Paw-Paw Tunnel along Maryland 51 (Scenic Byway)
    2. Abandoned PA Turnpike Tunnel
    3. Breezewood PA Junction

    Paw Paw Tunnel

    The Paw Paw Tunnel was underwhelming, mostly because the …

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  6. Society of the Spectacle: Thesis 60

    Where I write for the sake of writing. No promise of quality. Here is an attempt at interpreting thesis 60 of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle.

    The celebrity, the spectacular representation of a living human being, embodies this banality by embedding the image of a possible role. Being a …

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  7. Constructing tests for legacy code

    Every company has legacy code sitting somewhere that isn't well understood. Maybe it was written long ago and the original authors have moved on. Here's a high ROI approach to getting that code tested.

    The code I have in mind was written in a time when priorities were different, the …

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  8. Using Goatcounter on NearlyFreeSpeech.net

    Here's some quick and dirty notes on setting up GoatCounter on Nearly Free Speech dot net. There are some rather opaque hoops you need to jump through in order to setup the service. I make no claim that this tutorial is perfect, but hopefully it helps someone else who is …

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  9. Hunting for a Link

    There you are, browsing the web, maybe using a popular search engine. You enter your query and scan the results for a title that answers your question. There it is! You see it, the third result. You move your mouse to click.

    And what's that? what's happening? You've clicked on …

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