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  1. Centralia, PA

    On my drive across PA I visited the mythic Centralia. You can read up on the modern ghost town in any number of places. So here I'll share my photos and feelings of the place.

    Centralia is an unassuming grid of overgrown streets tucked between the Pennsylvania hills. When I …

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  2. Gzipping UUIDs

    UUIDs are generally uncompressable. This is because their values can be anything and multiple UUIDs generaly don't repeat in a payload. So you may be surprised to learn that a JSON list of UUIDs compresses to 56% of their original size. Here's an example:

      "e253f04c1f414b7291e682ea465e8e19 …
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  3. The Pittsburgh List

    A life full of activity is a fulfilling one. So the saying doesn't go. I made it up. And now that I have a car in the City of Steel I can fill my days with activities beyond food festivals and coffee shops. Here is a list of adventures now …

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  4. Chaco Canyon

    I'm writing this post several months from when I visited Chaco Canyon. I visited Chaco Canyon in the first week of February on my drive up from Albuquerque to Monitcello. This was a beautiful drive.

    I was listening to Brave New World as I passed valley and mountain. It just …

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  5. Prolog exercise: Min and Max of a list

    As a fun exercise I implemented a predicate to calculate the minimum and maximum element of a list.

    min_and_max([A], A, A).
    min_and_max([H|R], N, X):-
        min_and_max(R, RN, RX),
        N is min(H, RN),
        X is max(H, RX).

    Next I wrote a version with last-call optimization.

    min_and_max_2 …
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  6. One thing I miss from Mercury

    It's been a year since I've written any Mercury (the purely logic/functional programming language), but there's one feature I miss. It's nothing fancy, and certainly one of the less interesting features Mercury has to offer.

    The Problem

    To understand this particular feature let's look at where other languages fail …

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