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  1. Gzipping UUIDs

    UUIDs are generally uncompressable. This is because their values can be anything and multiple UUIDs generaly don't repeat in a payload. So you may be surprised to learn that a JSON list of UUIDs compresses to 56% of their original size. Here's an example:

      "e253f04c1f414b7291e682ea465e8e19 …
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  2. The Pittsburgh List

    A life full of activity is a fulfilling one. So the saying doesn't go. I made it up. And now that I have a car in the City of Steel I can fill my days with activities beyond food festivals and coffee shops. Here is a list of adventures now …

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  3. Chaco Canyon

    I'm writing this post several months from when I visited Chaco Canyon. I visited Chaco Canyon in the first week of February on my drive up from Albuquerque to Monitcello. This was a beautiful drive.

    I was listening to Brave New World as I passed valley and mountain. It just …

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  4. One thing I miss from Mercury

    It's been a year since I've written any Mercury (the purely logic/functional programming language), but there's one feature I miss. It's nothing fancy, and certainly one of the less interesting features Mercury has to offer.

    The Problem

    To understand this particular feature let's look at where other languages fail …

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  5. Driving to Flagstaff

    A storm rolled in before I left Apple Valley.

    One thing the West has that the East doesn't is independent drive-thru restaurants and beverage stands. Ever since New Mexico I've been seeing coffee trucks and smoothie wagons. I've also seen a good number of drive-thru Mexican restaurants. All of them …

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