Note: Most of this is conjecture. I plan on fleshing this out with more details and sources later. I hope to use this as a chance to learn more about textiles generally. I likely show my ignorance here.

It used to be the case that a consistent weave of a fabric signaled quality, and therefore desirability. Consistent weaves do result in stronger material, but more importantly it signaled quality craftsmanship. The mechanization of textile production brought with it a consistent weave (generally). Now the valuation is reversed. Machine woven textiles are less desirable because of their mass production (and associated human exploitation). Machines can generate perfectly consistent fabrics, but humans cannot. So it is now desirable to search for imperfections in cloth (not like coins) for it signals the existence of another. How much longer until the product marketers sabotage their own machines to produce cloth of only near perfection?