1. Why not to use Credit Cards

    When possible I try to pay with cash. Here's why

    • Credit card transactions are used to track your spending history to target advertisements. Google has access to 70% of transactions from credit and debit cards for the united states (source. Not so for cash.
    • Credit cards introduce a third party …
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  2. Real World Awk: Fastlaning localizations

    What is Awk?

    Awk is a weird mix of command-line tool and programming language. It's a language specifically designed for text processing. By default it has a notion of rows and separators. Think CSV but without support for quoted separators.


    Fastlane is a tool for automating iOS app development …

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  3. Map a function or predicate in Mercury lang

    Mapping a function in Mercury lang is pretty simple. First you need a function:

    :- func myfunc(string) = string.
    myfunc(In) = Out :- 
      append(In, In, Out).

    Then you map it

    :- import_module list.
    NewList = map(myfunc, OldList)

    We can do the same thing with a predicate.

    :- pred mypred(string::in, string::out …
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  4. How to convert a predicate from multi to det in Mercury lang?

    So you're learning Mercury lang and you have a predicate with multi determinism. Maybe it looks something like this:

    :- pred school(string:: in, string:: out) is multi.
    fish(Fish, ParticularFish) :-
      ( append("One ", Fish, ParticularFish)
      ; append("Two ", Fish, ParticularFish)
      ; append("Red ", Fish, ParticularFish)
      ; append("Blue ", Fish, ParticularFish)

    Which has four solutions …

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  5. How to install Mercury lang?

    Installing Mercury can be an intimidating process. Here are the steps I followed to get Mercury lang up and running.

    1. Download the latest ROTD. This tutorial uses a ROTD dated 2018-04-30, you should replace this date throughout.

    2. Uncompress the source archive

      $ tar -xzf mercury-srcdist-rotd-2018-04-30.tar.gz
    3. Configure the installation to …

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  6. Modern Mayan Temples

    Aboard a bus departing the Cancun airport I notice a small stepped-pyramid adjacent to the on-ramp of the high-way. It stands the height of a single story, too close to the roadway to have been constructed afterwards, but oddly prominent. Is this pyramid a lesser, forgotten Tulum or Chitzen Itza …

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  7. Adding an XFCE4 terminal color scheme

    This may not be the 'correct' way of doing something, but you can place your xfce4 color scheme in the following folder:


    Look at the existing files for inspiration and add a [Scheme] and Name= line to the top.

    I successfully renamed terminalrc.jellybeans to …

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